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Most competitive sports have officials, Football has its `Referees', Cricket has its `Umpires' and Archery its Judges. These Judges are usual recruited from experienced members of local clubs who are recommended by their club secretary, to the County and Region meetings for approval to be appointed a candidate judge.

Use this form to request a judge for a tournament: judge_request.pdf

There are five main levels or grades of Judges:

  • Candidate judge
  • County judge
  • Regional judge
  • National judge
  • International judge

In order to preserve the integrity of tournaments and the performances achieved, the minimum standard for the judge-in-charge of a tournament shall normally be as follows::

  • World Record/WA Award Status Tournaments that include a Head-to-Head - National Judge
  • UK record status tournaments, and World Record/ WA Award Status Tournaments that do not include a Head-to-Head - National Judge or Regional Judge
  • Non-record status Regional Tournaments - Regional Judge
  • Non-Record Status County Tournaments - County Judge
  • Non-Record Status Club Tournaments and club target day tournaments - County Judge or Field Captain.

Naturally at a Tournament the Judge-in-charge would be ably assisted by other Judges of any level of qualification and may include a reasonable proportion of candidate judges. Judges are not expected to control tournaments of a higher level than indicated above, they are encouraged to work at tournaments of higher levels, assisting colleagues having the appropriate qualifications.

As of Oct 1st 2021 we will have 4 archery Judges in Wales with grades ranging from County to National.

Paul Curtis
Debbie Anderson Regional
Philip Bailey Regional
Martin O'Sullivan Prismick

For further information on becoming a Candidate Judge please make contact with the Judge Liaison Officer for the Welsh Archery Association

email Judge Liason Officer