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Applications for the Junior Welsh Team 2022

We are looking to send a Junior Welsh team to the Home Nations Tournament which may take place at either the Junior National Outdoor Championships at Lilleshall National Sports Centre on 2nd July or as part of the Youth Festival which takes place between 26th and 30th July.   

We welcome applications from recurve, compound and barebow archers. The exact make-up of the team will depend on which event hosts the Home Nations competition and this will be confirmed shortly. 

Only archers who are members of WAA and have already secured a place at the competitions are eligible and only archers who complete and submit an application form for the team will be considered. 

If you have not already secured a place at the competitions, we understand that places for both events may still be available via Sport 80.

Applicants are invited to submit three tournament scores (with a qualified judge present) preferably from the current 2022 outdoor season. Scores from the 2021 outdoor season will also be considered but preference may be given to those who submit scores from the current 2022 season. Scores should be of Bowman standard and above. 

Archers who do not fully meet the criteria but who have at least one score of the required standard are also invited to apply and may be selected if there is a vacancy

Team members who do not already have a WAA team shirt will be provided with one. Please note that team members will be required to sign indicating that they agree not to wear this shirt at any event where the WAA is fielding a team eg. Junior National Indoor Championships and they are not members of the team.  

For this event the WAA will pay each team member their entry fee plus travel expenses for the return journey from home to the tournament at 40p per mile. Please note that where more than one team member travels in the same car only one lot of travel expenses will be paid.  

Team members will also be required to sign an athlete’s agreement. This will confirm their commitment to the standards of behaviour WAA will expect of team members when representing Wales. 

Applications to be made by email to Debbie Cooke via: cpplemum@aol.com  and in all cases must be accompanied by the supporting tournament result sheet. CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS – Wednesday 15th June. 

Please provide the following details:



Contact number  



Bow Style  

Archery Club

Archery GB Number 






















 Please indicate team shirt size needed if selected                         

Please confirm which competition you have already entered  - the Junior Outdoor Championships/Youth Festival/Both (delete as appropriate)

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 15th June