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Return to Outdoor Archery April 2021

We are pleased to announce a return to archery due to the recent changes in the Welsh Government Covid regulations.

As of 26 April, organised outdoor sporting activities can take place for groups of up to 30 people of any age (this number does not include children under 11).

This means clubs can now return to archery with a total of 30 people on the field at any one time. This number has to include archers, coaches and anyone else on the field and everyone involved must continue to follow the 2 metre social distancing rules. There must be a minimum distance of 3.66 metres between target boss centres.   

Two archers from different households can share a target where necessary. However, we would prefer that where this happens, they should shoot as separate details unless this proves unworkable. Where two archers from different households are sharing a target, then all the necessary hygiene procedures in terms of pulling arrows, touching the target face etc must be applied. Family groups and bubbles may continue to share a target.

All previous rules around not sharing and sanitising equipment still apply.

We hope that you will all now start to enjoy a safe return to archery.