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Nominations for the Vic Williams Trophy 2018

Nominations are invited for the Vic Williams Trophies, which are presented to the most improved Junior Boy and Junior Girl for the outdoor season for target archery.

Please send your nominations to me, Debbie Cooke via email to cpplemum@aol.com by the 8th October at the latest.

The criteria for the award is based on the best handicap improvement over the outdoor season and handicaps are only considered on outdoor rounds shot between the 1st April and 30th September 2018.

A minimum of 4 rounds need to be shot - either at Tournaments or official Club Target days – but two scores must be obtained at Tournaments. Please submit the scores, together with the Archers name and date of birth and please include the relevant results sheets for any tournaments which are to be considered.

Scores from official Club target days need to be ratified by the club secretary or records officer.

Handicaps must be shown as at 1st April and then as at 30th September. If an archer has no handicap as at 1st April then 3 rounds must be shot as per GNAS rules to obtain a handicap - see GNAS Target Handicap Rules 3a & 3b.

Please note that Juniors cannot shoot beneath their Age and Rounds must be their age group or above.

Scores can be provided for GNAS Imperial & FITA Outdoor rounds and Handicaps can be obtained from GNAS handicap tables 5-10.

This is a great opportunity to award the progress of our juniors and I look forward to receiving your nominations.