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Opportunities to get more involved with WAA

After many years of hard work, Sam Moore, our Target Records Officer, Natascha Rogers, our Junior Team Manager, Jan Howells, our Field Liaison Officer and Tony Nilsen, our Child Protection Officer, are all stepping down from their posts. WAA would like to thank Sam, Natascha, Jan and Tony for all the hard work and commitment they have given to these roles and for the support they have given to WAA.

As a result, we are seeking applications from anyone interested in these positions:

Target Records Officer – this role is responsible for verifying any claims to Welsh Target Records and maintaining the subsequent record claims lists on the WAA website. This role is also responsible for the administration of the Dragons, Daffodils and Indoor Classification badge schemes, including setting and monitoring any associated budgets for running the schemes

Junior Team Manager – this role involves the management of any Junior Teams which WAA sends to the National Indoor and Outdoor Championships, the Junior Euronations competition, the AGB Youth Festival and any other national and international competitions where relevant. This will involve drafting any relevant application forms, managing the application process and liaising with the Selection Committee to communicate the results of their team selection. It will also involve making arrangements for any travel and accommodation to the event, travelling to the relevant competitions to manage the team at the event, liaise with the Tournament Organisers and generally be on hand to help archers with any issues which may arise. The appointed person will be required to hold a DBS certificate.

Field Liaison Officer - this role is responsible for representing field archery as part of the WAA Committee including updating the WAA Committee on all aspects of field archery, compiling and managing any budget requirements for field archery events, training and development and managing the field archery records and rankings.

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer – this role is responsible for ensuring WAA has effective child and vulnerable adult protection policies in place and that these are followed in all WAA activities. Anyone who takes up this role will be expected to be DBS checked.


Further details on the roles and what is involved can be obtained by emailing me via cpplemum@aol.com.

If you are interested in any of these roles, then please submit your applications to me at the same email address. Applications should be no longer than two sides of A4 and should include details of why you are interested in the role and any relevant experience. 

Applications should be received by 4th February 2018. 


Debbie Cooke

Operations Co-ordinator and PR Officer