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Senior Target Archery Squad 2017/2018

Applications are invited from archers who would like the opportunity to attend the Welsh Archery Association (WAA) Senior Target Archery Squad.

Squad training sessions will give archers access to coaching, training and support to further develop their archery skills with a view to competing at the higher levels of archery and to possibly represent Wales as part of the official Welsh Senior Target Team at a variety of events. Being a member of the squad will not automatically guarantee a place on any Welsh Senior Team as WAA will ask all Welsh archers to express an interest for any given event at the relevant time.

Squad sessions will be held at Sports Wales, Sophia Gardens on a monthly basis as follows:

Oct 22nd 2017 

Nov 2017 - date to be confirmed

Dec 10th 2017

Jan 7th 2018

Feb 4th 2018

March 4th 2018  

The squad will consist of 12 members, wherever possible this will be made up of 6 recurve archers - 3 male and 3 female and 6 compound archers - 3 male and 3 female.

Applicants are asked to submit 5 tournament scores of Bowmen standard or above from Record Status events from the current outdoor season. Archers who are interested in attending these training sessions and do not have the relevant scores are asked to submit a form which will be considered should there be any vacancies.

Archers who are selected for the squad will be expected to attend all training sessions unless prior approval given by the squad manager. WAA will fund the provision of training and coaching as part of the squad sessions but archers will be expected to pay their own travel expenses to squad training events.

Only archers who are members of WAA can apply to join the senior target squad.

If you are interested in accessing this additional coaching and training and would like to be part of the Senior Target Archery Squad, please complete the following application and return it by 8th October 2017 by e-mail to cpplemum@aol.com – Please write Senior Squad and the applicants name in the subject box:



Contact numbers:  (Landline and Mobile numbers) 


Bow type: 

Current Coach: 

Top 5 tournament scores from Record Status events held during the 2017 outdoor season. Please note these scores will need to be bowman scores or above.  































Please provide details of what you would like to achieve by attending squad training sessions and how this can benefit your archery.

Please also provide answers to the following questions:

1. How long have you been shooting? 

2. How often do you shoot every week?  

3. What is your ultimate goal in Archery?  

4. What are your achievements in Archery so far?


Debbie Cooke

Senior Squad and Team Manager