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Application for Senior Team Selection for the Euronations Competition

The WAA team for this event will potentially consist of 6 recurve and 6 compound archers.  

The team will compete in the 2017 Commonwealth Championships Europe and EuroNations World Archery 720 competition and Team events (1st July) and the English Archery Federation 720 and Heads to Heads (2nd July). The event will be hosted by the Royal Navy South Coast Archers at H.M.S Sultan in Gosport.

Only archers who are members of WAA are eligible and only archers who complete and submit an application form for a place on the team will be considered.

Archers are invited to submit three tournament scores (with a qualified judge present) from any outdoor rounds from the current 2017 outdoor season. Eligible rounds are York, Hereford, WAA 1440 and 720 70m and 50m. The selection criteria set for this tournament is as follows:

Gents Recurve - Bowman Scores or above (handicap of 36 or better)

Ladies Recurve - Bowman Scores or above (handicap of 41 or better)

Gents Compound - Bowman Scores or above (handicap of 23 or above)

Ladies Compound - Bowman Scores of above (handicap of 29 or above)

WAA reserves the right to fill any vacancy on the team in consultation with the Performance Co-ordinator.

All team members will receive a WAA team shirt. Please note that from this year all team members will be required to sign indicating that they agree not to wear this shirt at any event where the WAA is fielding a team e.g. National Indoor Championships and they are not members of the team.

All team members will also be required to sign an athlete’s agreement. This will confirm their commitment to the standards of behaviour WAA will expect of team members when representing Wales, including a commitment with regard to not drinking alcohol during this team event.    

WAA will directly fund the costs of accommodation and entry for this event and will reimburse archers for any travel costs associated with travel to Gosport.

Applications to be made by e-mail to Debbie Cooke, Senior Team Manager via cpplemum@aol.com.  In all cases applications must include the following information and be accompanied by the supporting tournament result sheets:



Contact Telephone numbers 

Email contact 


Bow Style  

Archery Club  































 Please indicate team shirt size needed if selected