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Applications for Senior Team at the National Indoor Championships

The National Indoor Championships is being held at Stoneleigh Park on 4th December 2016 and this will include the Home Nations Competition.

The WAA team for this event will consist of 2 recurve ladies and 2 compound ladies together with 2 recurve gentlemen and 2 compound gentlemen.  

Only archers who are members of WAA and who have secured a place at the National Indoor Championships through the Sport 80 application process are eligible – please note that this includes archers who are currently on the reserve list for a place at the Championships.  

Due to the early submission of Team members, applicants are invited to submit their 3 best scores for indoor rounds from the period of 1st December 2015 to the closing date of this application. The scores can be Portsmouth or FITA 18 rounds and must have been achieved at a competition with a judge present.

All team members will receive a WAA team shirt if they have not already done so.  All team members will be required to sign indicating that they agree not to wear this shirt at any event where the WAA is fielding a team but where they are not members of that team.

For this event the WAA will pay a maximum of £76 towards the costs.

Applications to reach me BY 25th October 2016.

Please provide the date of the competition, the venue, the round shot and the score, together with copies of the results sheets in your email for each score you submit. Please also indicate the size of the t-shirt needed, should you be selected for the team.

The information should be sent to me at the following email address:

cpplemum@aol.com – Please write NIC and the applicants name in the subject box

Debbie Cooke

Acting team manager