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WAA Club rewards Scheme

This is the 1st year that WAA has run the Club Rewards Scheme which is an attempt to give back to the grass roots archers. Clubs are rewarded for increasing the percentage of total member numbers based on the figures at the end of one membership year to the next. No club will be eligible to win a prize for 2 years running. For a growing club the cost of equipment is a big strain on resources and so all members of the winning clubs will see the benefit.

Three prizes are provided for the top three best performing clubs:- 1st prize - a target boss, a trainer bow and a set of jazz arrows, 2nd prize - a target boss, 3rd prize a trainer bow.

Congratulations to the following 3 clubs who are, in 1st place - RJD Archers, Glamorgan, 2nd place - Colwyn Bay Archers, North Wales and 3rd place - Red Dragon Archers, North Wales.