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Junior National Outdoor Championships

We would like to thank Ryan Pinder for sending us this report.

What a differnce a year makes. Having earned my first spot on the Welsh team to shoot the JNOC last July, my weekend was ruined as the shoot was cancelled due to the field being under water from the rain. This year I won a place on the team again and we nearly cooked in the hot summer sunshine! More than 220 junior archers on the Saturday and 265 on the Sunday, competed as the temperatures soared. The heat made it hard work for all but it was much nicer than dealing with the usual wind and rain that a British summer brings and some good scores were shot as a result. I look forward to shooting the Junior Euronations in Scotland in a few weeks and hope the weather is as nice (but not as hot).

Junior National Outdoor Championships

We would like to congratulate our junior team on coming third and the following archers on their success:- Metric 1 -1st Junior Gents Barebow, Andrew Brimer, Metric 3 - 1st Junior Gents Recurve, Ryan Pinder, Metric 4 - 1st Junior Gents Barebow, Jakob Barrett Rees, Metric 4 - 1st Junior Ladies Barebow. Grace Barrett Rees, Bristol 1 - 1st Junior Gents Recurve, Danny Pinder, Bristol 1 - 1st Junior Gents Barebow, Andrew Brimer, Bristol 3 - 1st Junior Gents Recurve, Ryan Pinder.